Friday, March 16, 2012

New Challenge Issued for Sign Project

First off, I would like to welcome our newest board members, Robert Wolfington and Joyce Dass. Welcome and thank you for your willingness to serve on the Tyler Area Community Foundation (TACF) board.

At last night's meeting we had John Bornhoft from the Lions Club give us an update on fundraising efforts for the Downtown Community Sign project. To date, $13,284.39 has been raised for the project. However, this is far from the estimate of $30,000 to complete the project. With that in mind, the board and John visited about ways that we could jump start the fundraising efforts and several ideas were talked about.

Then John asked about a matching challenge to the community and whether that would jump start the fundraising efforts again. The board mentioned that a matching challenge helped TACF reach its endowment fundraising goals and was well embraced by the community.

With that in mind, John made the decision to offer a challenge to the community that he would match up to $5,000 of all funds raised for the Downtown Community Sign Project through the month of June. The donation was made in honor and memory of John's father Mel Bornhoft.

Let's all help meet this challenge with a donation to the Downtown Sign project. You can send your tax deductible donation to: TACF, PO Box 239, Tyler, MN 56178. Please mark your donation "Downtown Sign Project" and join in this effort for a Community Sign.