Friday, June 8, 2012

Update on Fundraising Efforts

It has been a couple months since the last update, so I thought that I would share the most recent totals for the Downtown Community Sign Project. As of today, $28,868.54 has been donated to the sign project. A total of $15,584.15 has been raised since John Bornhoft's matching challenge was issued. Of that amount, one anonymous individual matched John's $5,000 donation and we would like to thank him or her for that donation. We are getting close to the $30,000 goal and we are asking for your help to push donation totals over the $30,000 goal. If you would like to donate, please make your check out to TACF and make a note on the check that it is for the Downtown Community Sign Project. Then mail the check to TACF, PO Box 239, Tyler, MN 56178.